Following are some of Wayne Fischer’s best snowmobiling photos from the 2009-2010 season.

The caption under each photo contains the following information. Photo number, date, trail head and a short description of the photo.

P0901, February 20, 2009, Little Truckee Summit: Gary Taylor tried a little fancy ride around a tree well and backed off the throttle a little too early. John Erman (behind the tree) getting ready to dig Gary out.

P0902, February 20, 2009, Little Truckee Summit: This is the hill that Gary got stuck on, which happens to be one of the group’s favorate hills, very near the 4 corners out of the Little Truckee Summit trail head.

P0903, February 20, 2009, Little Truckee Summit: John Erman and Gary Taylor at the 4 corners intersection.

P0904, February 27, 2009, Yuba Pass: The group taking a break, all lined up for a nice view of the Sierra Mountains, just north of Yuba Pass.

P0905, February 27, 2009, Yuba Pass: Wayne Fischer and Doug Dawson taking a break on beautiful ride, just after a nice “little” snow storm.

P0906, March 5, 2009, Blue Lakes: Doug Dawson leading the CNSA group ride on the main trail, leading south out of the Blue Lakes trail head. CNSA could not have picked a better weekend to hold its 2009 Convention in Topas Lake.

P0907, March 5, 2009, Blue Lakes: Hey Doug (Dawson), when are you going to learn to ride that snow machine on an almost flat slope. Just because there are 24 inches of very fresh and dry powder is no excuse!!!!

P0908, March 6, 2009, Sonora Pass: Wayne Fischer taking a break in bowl, just west of the Sonora Pass Summit. As you can see, the snow was unbelievable that day. The rest of the CNSA group ride was on their way to enjoy this open bowl.

P0909, March 26, 2009, Sonora Pass: On of the highest peaks on the south edge of the Sonora Pass riding area. Greg McKay and Bret Jacobson looking at the mountain peak in Yosemitte National Park.

P0910, April 11, 2009, Yuba Pass: The guys taking a break on a ridge, north of Highway 49, just above the Gold Lakes area.

P0911, April 13, 2009, Tahoe Meadows: Gary Taylor taking a break on top of Tamerak Peak, enjoying the view of Lake Tahoe.