Snow Depth from SNOTEL

Dear Tahoe Region Snowmobilers,

You can easily find out the approximate snow depth and recent temperature data of where you are planning to go snowmobiling.  There is a network of snow data gathering sites that automatically measure and report this information.  These sites are called SNOTEL.  SNOTEL is short for SNOwpack TELemetry.
The following links will give you the snow depth and temperature readings for the last 7 days at or near five snowmobile riding areas (going from North to South) in the Lake Tahoe Region.

Little Truckee Summit

(This site is 0.7 miles from the trail head and at the same altitude)

Tahoe Meadows

(This site is 2.5 miles from the trail head and 200 feet lower)

Spooner <-> Kingsbury

(This site is 4.2 miles from the Spooner trail head and 800 feet higher)

Blue Lakes

(This site is 9.3 miles from the trail head and 900 feet higher)

Sonora Pass


Ebbetts Pass

Note that the present snow depth is over 5 times what we had just 5 days ago.

More SnoTel Data

For more data, including hour by hour snow depth, click on the NWSS Home Button.  Then click on SNOTEL Data link.  Now click on the state you are interested in.  The click on a sensor location.  Etc….
Bookmark these sites
If you want, you may want to bookmark these and other SNOTEL data tables in your web browser. You can quickly check them out before you snowmobiling.
Avalanche and Weather Report
As a side note, you should also check the latest avalanche report and weather report before you go snowmobiling, the morning of the day you ride.  For the avalanche & snow report, please visit:
This site should be a must read before you go snowmobiling.

Other Weather Reports:

Following is an excellent website for local weather reports.  Just enter in the zip code or city’s name of where you are going to ride:

Be Safe:

The more you know about the weather, the snow depth, the temperatures and the avalanche conditions, the less likely you will get into trouble.
Wayne Fisher