Amber Holt’s Tahoe Backcountry Basics

Amber Holt’s Tahoe Clinics were a success!

On January 17-20, 2011, the club had Amber Holt of Backcountry Basics come to North Lake Tahoe to hold two of her famous snowmobiling clinics. We sold out both clinics (with about 12-14 participants in each clinic) and despite the terrible snow conditions (a.k.a. Sierra cement), we learned a lot of excellent techniques as well as safety for snowmobilers.

Where else than Tahoe can you get a classroom with such a view?
Level 1 participants learning how to get a purposely stuck sled off a downed tree.
Mike Bradford takes his Cat on a one-ski stroll through the woods. Mastering this maneuver can get you out of many tricky situations.

See more pictures from the clinics here.

Please let us know if you would be interested in signing up if we have Amber come back again to do her clinics by emailing Hanna Bernard.