Sno-Park and Snowmobile Non-Resident Permit

CA OHV Use Permits

If you do any snowmobiling in California, be sure to have purchased and attached a CA 2012-13 OHV Permit to your snowmobile.

Visit the following link to find a list of permit vendors:

For a list of Non-Resident Permits sales locations:

CA SnoPark Permits

Also, if you snowmobile out of HopeValley/Blue Lakes, Yuba Pass and Blackwood Canyon, you will need a SnoPark permit showing on the driver side of the snowmobile tow vehicle.  See the 2nd attachment for a pic of the 2011 CA SnoPark Permits.

For a list of all California Sno-Parks that require a Sno-Park Permit:

If by chance you do not have a CA SnoPark Permit by now, visit the following link on where to purchase one:

Purchase California Sno-Park Season Permit online: