Medical Rescue Guide and Form for Snowmobilers

Dear Tahoe Sierra Snowmobilers,

I hope all of you have had a great holiday season so far.  As snowmobilers, our best gift this year was a series of fantastic snow storms dumping lots of snow such that once the snow sets up, we can ride our usual routes anytime we want.

Now that we have lots of snow, I am sure many of you will be riding to areas with lots of trees and steep slopes.  Unfortunately, there are always a few risks when we push the limits of our snowmobile and our riding skills.

Should you have an unfortunate incident, there are two things that you should have done before you started the ride.

#1: Print out the Medical Rescue Guide & Form for Snowmobilers. Please keep a copy of the form and a small pencil in a water proof pouch.  If you are the patient, have a snowmobile buddy fill out the form and call 911 (assuming you are conscious).  If it is your buddy that is hurt, fill it out and have someone or yourself call 911.

#2: For a very small fee of $40/year, you could have bought a Care Flight Insurance Policy, such that if you need to be taken by helicopter to a local hospital, the very expensive flight would be covered.  For more information on this insurance, please visit:

Take care and be safe snowmobiling,

Wayne Fischer

PS.  I just filled out the above form, wrote a check and mailed it in today.  This is the first year I have signed up for such a policy. I hope I never need to use it.