LTS Grooming Report #17

2/24 @ 9:31am

The Lakes Basin area grooming has been temporarily suspended due to lack of snow coverage on the access road from the groomer shed on Highway 49 to the Gold Lakes Highway.

The current CENTRAL SIERRA NEVADA MOUNTAIN AVALANCHE ADVISORY covers the Northern Sierras from Yuba Pass on the North end to Ebbett’s Pass on the South end.  It applies to back-country areas outside of developed ski areas only.  The phone number is (530) 587-3558, or the Avalanche Advisory can be found at the Sierra Avalanche Center (SAC) website:


Snowmobile trail grooming is made possible through the State of California OHMVR division grooming program.  Snowmobile trail grooming work on the East Side of the Tahoe National Forest is provided by Sierra Snowcats, Inc. and Sierra County.  Grooming work on the West Side is provided by the Sierra Buttes Snowbusters Snowmobile Club.  Thanks to all!  The Tahoe National Forest contains public lands and private lands.  Please respect private property rights and private landowners within the Tahoe National Forest while recreating and riding snowmobiles off of the groomed snowmobile trail system.


Please be aware of the winter Motor Vehicle Closure Areas on the East Side of the Tahoe National Forest: Granite Chief Wilderness, Pole Creek (includes the Deep Creek drainage), Truckee River, Alpine Meadows, Donner Summit (includes Castle Valley and Round Valley), Sagehen, Kyburz, Independence, Babbitt, and North Yuba.  They are shown on the Tahoe National Forest and Lakes Basin Winter Recreation Guide map, which is free to the public and available at the Sierraville and Truckee Ranger Stations, and occasionally in the “map boxes” at Yuba Pass and Little Truckee Summit.  Motor Vehicle Closure Areas are “a geographic area, including the trails and roads within it, which are CLOSED to motorized vehicles (snowmobiles, snowcats, ATV’s, motorcycles, tractors, cars and trucks) when snow is on the ground”.  The closure and restriction areas are open to all non-motorized winter recreation.


East Side and Lakes Basin Grooming Update #17


Marked (orange diamonds)

Snowmobile Route

Date Last Groomed  


Main 07 road  (to Webber Lake)

Sat, Feb 23 Main 07 road  (to Jackson Meadows Dam)Sat, Feb 23 Pass Creek Loop 70 roadSat, Feb 23

Bald Ridge Loop 88 road

Sat, Feb 23

Henness Pass 301 road (main route alternate)

Thu, Feb 21

Yuba-Webber 12 road (07 road to 54 road)

Fri, Feb 22

Yuba-Webber 12 road (54 road to Yuba Pass)

Fri, Feb 22

Ridge Loop 12-45 road

Fri, Feb 22

Rim Loop 12-28 road

Fri, Feb 22

Williams Creek 54 road (12 road to Bassetts)

Fri, Feb 22

Treasure Mountain Loop 05 & 15 roads

Fri, Feb 22

Meadow Lake Loop 86 road (east end)

Sat, Feb 23

Meadow Lake Loop 843 road (west end)

Sat, Feb 23

Prosser Tie 07-10 road

Thu, Feb 21ROADS CLOSED to wheeled vehicles at Sagehen Summit and Prosser OHV staging area

Independence Loop 351 & 260 roads

Thu, Feb 21Down trees groomed over

Haskell Peak Trail 09 road

Fri, Feb 22

Gold Lake Highway 620 road

Fri, Feb 22

Packer Lake 621 road

Wed, Jan 30

Church Meadows Loop

Tue, Jan 29

Howard Meadows Loop

Tue, Jan 29

Mills Peak Trail

Tue, Jan 29

Gold Lake (Plumas NF) SKIER ONLY Trail

noneTrail too narrow for new groomer

Lunch Creek SKIER ONLY Trail

Fri, Feb 22 


Jeff Wiley

East Zone OHV Program Manager

Tahoe National Forest

work:  530.994.3401 x6667

cell:  530.306.0334


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