Snowmobile Safety

Dear Fellow Tahoe Sierra Snowmobilers,
At January’s club meeting I did a presentation on several aspects of Snowmobile Safety.  I put together a package of notes for the presentation and promised I would email them to all snowmobilers in our eGroup.
For all snowmobilers, I would like to make the following suggestions:
  1. Print out last page fold it twice, and put it in a sandwich bag along with a small pencil.  Add it to the first aid kit.  It could come in real handy when a fellow snowmobiler needs to be rescued.
  2. Review pages 8 through 15 at least once a year.  Have a basic understanding of what it takes to survive in cold weather situations.
If you have any comments, please direct them back to me via my email address,
I would like to thank Richard Brightman from the Sacramento Snowbusters Snowmobile Club for some of the material in the handout.
Just remember, snowmobiling is a dangerous sport, and it is best to think safety before you ride.
Wayne Fisher