Can you help a fellow member with any of this?

Hello All,

went for my first ride on my new M 800 153 sled at Mt Rose with a buddy riding a 2005 RMK.  Good base with just enough loose snow to keep the advanced sleds, and intermediate riders, happy. Gee, this sled has lots of acceleration on tap! And that’s just break-in throttle!
I was trying to determine my coolant temp readout with the “deluxe” gauge that came with the sled (deluxe guages go back 3 or 4 years for Arctic Cat).  Tried searching the internet for info on how to access “sub menus” in the “diagnostic” modes.
To access submenus, hold down up/down arrows for 10 seconds, then down arrow to go through the menus.
Yes, you can apparently order a $500 “deluxe” gauge and retro fit to applicable model years.
From what I gather, there are 10 sub menus, and #3 is the one that gives an “indication” of coolant temp.  The readout may say 168 but true temp may be about 150 degrees F when the thermostat starts to open.
There is another submenu for voltage, but it wasn’t clear which submenu that one was.
I would be curious to know what all the submenus are if somebody has that info, and how to interpret the data from them. I’m not sure if you have access to change any critical settings by going into diagnostic menus. I haven’t tried the dealer yet.  And, I forgot to order a service manuel at time of ordering last spring.
I’m getting ready to visit family above Seattle a week from now.  I figured I would drag my old sled up there (2 seater AC Powder Extreme triple 600) and do a trip to Mt Baker, above Seattle, while I was there. I might also stop at some places in Oregon to go sledding while going up there.  Any recommendations?
That’s it for now.  Pray for more snow!
Rodger Liles (click to email Rodger)