Snowmobiling Safety & Riding Tips

Here you will find safety information, tips and techniques to keep you safe while snowmobiling.

Let’s Ride — snowmobiling clinics offered in Tahoe

Advertisement — this is not a club sanctioned clinic. Let’s Ride Let’s Ride is a Tahoe Based backcountry snowmobile guide service.  We are operating south of Truckee CA, on HWY 267, which is the Martis Peak area.  We have around 25,000 acres of private land for use, and with professional snowmobile guides that are avalanche […]

Snowmobile Safety

Dear Fellow Tahoe Sierra Snowmobilers, At January’s club meeting I did a presentation on several aspects of Snowmobile Safety.  I put together a package of notes for the presentation and promised I would email them to all snowmobilers in our eGroup. Download PDF with Snowmobile Safety notes » For all snowmobilers, I would like to make the […]

Tahoe Meadows Webcam

Click here to view the webcam mounted on the relay towers at the top of Relay Peak. The camera is looking to the south towards Lake Tahoe. The altitude of the camera is 10,200 feet. A special thanks to High Desert Internet Services for providing this webcam for our viewing.

Sno-Park and Snowmobile Non-Resident Permit

CA OHV Use Permits If you do any snowmobiling in California, be sure to have purchased and attached a CA 2012-13 OHV Permit to your snowmobile. Visit the following link to find a list of permit vendors: For a list of Non-Resident Permits sales locations: CA SnoPark Permits Also, if you snowmobile out […]

Medical Rescue Guide and Form for Snowmobilers

Dear Tahoe Sierra Snowmobilers, I hope all of you have had a great holiday season so far.  As snowmobilers, our best gift this year was a series of fantastic snow storms dumping lots of snow such that once the snow sets up, we can ride our usual routes anytime we want. Now that we have lots […]

Riding Tips

Snowmobile Riding Tips and Techniques Do not drive your snowmobile at excessive speeds or fast acceleration rates. Consider the environmental surroundings and weather conditions, your abilities and limitations, and the capabilities of your machine. A snowmobile driver should know the machine’s handling and performance, as models may differ. Age. Parents must decide driving age. Learning […]

New to Snowmobiling?

Snowmobiling Tips If you are new to snowmobiling, we have made a list of some things and techniques that will take some of the guess-work out of snowmobiling for you. Unloading/loading a snowmobile There are several ways to load and unload a snowmobile to/from a trailer. We have put some of the easiest ones in […]

Care Flight—Why You Should be a Member

Snowmobiling is Fun… …but there are also risks involved. “Suddenly, my snowmobile hit a hidden rock and I was catapulted into a tree, injuring my back and ribs. I was in so much pain that riding out was not an option. My friends immediately contacted 911 and a Care Flight helicopter was dispatched to come […]