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Let’s Ride — snowmobiling clinics offered in Tahoe

Advertisement — this is not a club sanctioned clinic. Let’s Ride Let’s Ride is a Tahoe Based backcountry snowmobile guide service.  We are operating south of Truckee CA, on HWY 267, which is the Martis Peak area.  We have around 25,000 acres of private land for use, and with professional snowmobile guides that are avalanche […]

Can you help a fellow member with any of this?

Hello All, went for my first ride on my new M 800 153 sled at Mt Rose with a buddy riding a 2005 RMK.  Good base with just enough loose snow to keep the advanced sleds, and intermediate riders, happy. Gee, this sled has lots of acceleration on tap! And that’s just break-in throttle! I was trying […]